About Hephzibah Generation​

Hephzibah Generation Youth group is a fellowship of delighted youth and young adults who choose to create and cultivate an environment where young people can come and discover their identity in Christ through the word of God and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

What does Hephzibah Mean?

The name Hephzibah means “He delights in me”

Where is it found?

It is found twice in the Old Testament, 2 Kings 21:1 and Isaiah 62:4. Translated from the origin Hebrew, Hephzibah literally means, “My delight is in her.” The name Hephzibah or Hafzbah expresses a very clear idea. Since the same root hafz means “guarding” or “taking care of,” all words from this root suggest the idea of “safeguarding,” and therefore taking a deeper look into the name Hephzibah means not only someone who evokes delight, but also “one who is guarded,” a “protected one.”

No longer will the younger generation be called deserted or forsaken, but Hephzibah a young and upcoming generation that God delights in and is protected by him. When God changes a name in the Bible, it conveys transformation, a second chance, and a new beginning. Hence Hephzibah generation Youth group is a fellowship of delighted youth that live under an open Heaven. Cultivating an atmosphere in which God himself dwells, moves and speaks freely. Hephzibah generation youth group is also a place where the youth of today can discover their identity in Christ and develop their spiritual gifting under the influence and guidance of the Holy spirit.

And it is through finding their identity in Christ through worship and reading the word of God and accepting their role as a son or daughter of the most High King that enables them to build a firm foundation that is based on principles and truth. Such a foundation allows the youth to live a lifestyle as sons and daughters of the most high and gives them the ability to deal with issues and challenges that come up in life according to the the word God.


To equip our generation with the knowledge and understanding of who God is through His word and revelation knowledge of the Holy Spirit.


To empower our generation to seek true identity in Christ Jesus through the Word of God (Logos) and revelation knowledge of the Holy Spirit (Rhema).


To create an environment where our generation can have a personal encounter with God and develop an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus the express image of God and partner with the Holy spirit as a counselor in our everyday decision making process in manifesting the glory of God that is within us.


Humbleness & Respect